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PERCEPTIONALITY - idealogical reality with shared components

This website serves as the introduction to Perceptionality.

Perceptionality - stable, experience driven, perceptual manner in which a person interprets their surroundings via their sensory modalities. A persons cognitions (and eventually actions) are guided more directly by the perception they have of the surroundings than the particular manner in which they respond to it. Additionally, since a personality is concept, it is non-quantifiable, it can not be measured in the same way a persons responses to sensory data can. In the same way a person is thought to act in accordance to their "personality", a person HAS a "perceptionality" which acts as a perceptual screen for all sensory data (i.e. the way they “actually” view, hear, feel, smell and taste) whether consciously or otherwise. These sensory interpretations are based (interpreted) more on their own life experiences (perceptions) than of the actual sensory information that is presented to them.

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This website is about "Perceptionality".

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